TFS Gateway

Sage People (Fairsail)

Sage People (Fairsail)

Sage is UK based software company. Sage People is their cloud-based HRM Solution, which is based on the (Salesforce) platform. Sage People was formerly known as Fairsail.



Because Sage People is an HRM solution, the main focus for TFS Gateway is to use it as a source for IAM. It is built on top of, which means that the “user” object exists, but it is only used for managing access and licensing of the platform. The data that is HR-related is under other schemas, and more difficult to get to. So even though has a good SCIM alternative, TFS Gateway integrates with the native REST API to get to all the attributes.

TFS Gateway integrates with Sage People:

  • using the identity information as a source, especially useful in Joiner, Mover, Leaver workflows
  • using organizational data to build access control based on job role and organizational units
  • TFS Gateway can also be configured to write back selected information to Sage People