TFS Gateway



Atlassian Corporation Plc is an Australian software company that develops products for software developers, project managers and other software development teams. The name of the products are often more known than the company name, such as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.


From an identity management perspective, it makes sense to talk about it as supporting the collection of systems. Atlassian offers their solutions both as on-premise alternative, and also working to get their customers to migrate to their cloud solution, Atlassian Cloud, which has its own centralized Identity provider.

TFS Gateway can integrate with Atlassian with:

  • user management (CRUD operations)
  • management of objects, such as organizations, that link to user objects
  • management of objects that can be used in service request forms, such as what application and/or role a user can choose
  • manage objects in the Insight “plug-in”, formerly developed by Mindville, but now acquired as an Atlassian-owned feature

Atlassian products, especially Jira Service Management, can also be configured to administrate TFS Gateway as a result of a workflow, i.e. access request, after approvals.

Atlassian on-prem does not offer a SCIM interface, but TFS Gateway uses its own integration that uses Atlassian’s REST API.