About Us

TFS Gateway is the name of the service we offer and the product is part of the service. The company was founded in 2020. The product TFS Gateway, however, was launched in 1993. The abbreviation TFS stands for Transfer File System because of its architecture. In 1993, a “leased line” was not common so most communications happened through dial-up modems. The concept of store (file) and forward (transfer) was the best approach and what Internet at the time was based upon, especially for email communication. Still today, an email bounces off of multiple servers before it reaches the recipient, but primarily for security reasons. At the beginning, it was filed and transferred primarily because the recipient’s mail server was not always available for the sender’s mail server.

Besides forwarding email, converting different character sets, being first with using MIME as well as virus scanning attachments and driving the use of UTF-8, we also helped organizations synchronize directories through email. We called it TDS Mail, which was TFS Gateway Directory Services email. Today that is part of Identity Management and an obvious choice for us to use in the architecture. Instead of using RFC-821 (SMTP) and RFS-822 (Message format) we now use SCIM as the common interface for all integrations.

The company that produced the first version of TFS Gateway was TenFour Sweden AB, which was co-founded by Krister Fransson and Göran Fransson, the founders of TFS Gateway AB. Göran was the chief architect of TFS Gateway and Krister was the CEO of TenFour Sweden. Ownership of the product has been transferred to TFS Technology, FoxT and Human Brothers, before getting its own home, TFS Gateway AB.

TFS Gateway AB does not have the ambition of becoming a large global organization by itself, but rather work with partners that like the concept we bring to the market. We are strong believers in “networking” and are interested in finding other “identity houses” with a similar view: IAGRC-M is not about finding one directory, but making sure the directories and identities are in sync and properly managed.

The CEO of TFS Gateway AB is Göran Fransson LinkedIn

The COO of TFS Gateway AB is Krister Fransson LinkedIn